Groundbreaking ideas require cutting-edge technologies for execution!
We enable forward-thinking businesses to bridge the consumer experience with
enterprise-grade mobility solutions.

Social Networking

Popular social platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses valuable data about their customers and a (mostly) free way to reach them.

Video Streaming

The most widely used business model today is Subscription-based Video On Demand model. Suited for movies, TV shows and e-learning videos.

Uber Business

Uber is an on-demand transportation service which has brought a revolution in the taxi industry all across the world.


We offer feature-rich enterprise mobile application development services
and mobility solutions to let you increase business efficiency and enterprise mobility.


Effectively synchronize all internal enterprise applications and extend them to the mobile work environments through a secure transmission channel.


Manage and mobilize your enterprise workforce to meet the standards of organization’s data availability and security facilitating scalability whenever required.


Ensure that the availability of all enterprise mobile apps is optimized for functionality on multiple devices with varying degrees of screen orientations.

Increase your business efficiency and enterprise mobility with our feature-rich mobility solutions and mobile application development services. TECHUP Corporation, as a mobile app development company working across diverse mobile platforms to provide clients with optimized solutions to their mobile app development requirements.


Enterprise architecture consulting involves aligning the company’s core goals and competencies across processes, information systems, personnel and discrete operating units. The business architects are responsible for linking together business managers, technology managers and technology implementation in an organization.

Enterprise Content Management

An enterprise content management solution is aimed at providing enterprises with an efficient information management system, focusing on platform competencies and related domains.

Client Relationship Management

All about knowing your company’s customers and managing your interactions with them in an efficient manner. It involves the application of technology to synchronize, automate and organize client and customer activities.

Enterprise Resource Management

Applying our core competencies, proven methodologies, tools and business accelerators to address their key business challenges and for enterprise transformation.


Dedicated team solutions with TECHUP Corporation take various forms depending on your needs.

Dedicated Resources

We recommend starting with a single hand-picked dedicated team and slowly progressing towards a full-scale Offshore Development Center.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

We will set up multiple teams dedicated to your projects. You will save the overhead costs as we take care of the management in constant communication with you.

Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT)

This model is appropriate for a growing company planning a market entry. We will build up a team working for you, and transfer the operations to you when you are ready.

QA & Software Testing

Our Dedicated QA Team provides you with a comprehensive testing team. Specific individuals are chosen, matching their skills and qualifications with your project’s demands.

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